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Oct 16, 2019

True Killers s9e4 - Disturbed: The American Horror Story Podcast

It's a new episode of the Disturbed Podcast.  Chris and Rob discuss the fourth episode of the ninth season of FX's “American Horror Story: 1984”. 

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00:12 - 08:28

Well cutest server we are talking season nine episode four local recording the new episode so either Thursday night or Friday morning the new episode is GonNa hit a discussion thread for that episode and actually I'll do it tomorrow is tomorrow Wednesday I'll do it tomorrow for tomorrow night's episode live from the disturbed twitter feed so if you want to join the team for somebody who is into doing that please reach out you can send an email to to disturb wallets happening and you live tweet and you get in conversation with people reach out to us because Chris and I cannot do that but we would love to have somebody live tweet pod at Gmail dot com or you can send it to southgate media group at that might actually be a better place or right in the threat Oh Chris and I have been trying to figure it out it was scheduling conflict we had we tried to work it out so here's what we're GonNa do tonight is the last Tuesday night if you are I gotta pull this up to if you live tweet during the show if you're a fan of ours and you like to watch the show show we're GONNA come back on Thursday so the day after the new episode airs we will be right here on skit conversation going I would love if people were talking about the episode so that's GonNa help to I'll put up a would we post the show will put up twitter were on Instagram I think so in other words I don't use instagram for that but you can follow at Rob Southgate on instagram and that's where you'll find my stuff of course made my open so that's okay here we go yeah it was Christie Morris why is this a week way to make it worth going to our facebook page worth going to our twitter feed and if you as the followers has the FANS WANNA post anything posted in there does show on the day that the new episode airs and the right that's a really bad move so you're right we should have done that from the beginning it just was a little bit tricky here I'm GonNa see if I can see who it is so I can even credit them for being awesome and telling us that head on the show and just say like hey man I am into doing a live tweeting the show I'd love to join the team and southgate you can follow me on twitter at our southgate more importantly follow disturbed follow at disturbed Bod podcast we're on facebook were on like our facebook page natural means from the show but maybe since we have a lot of horror fans here maybe putting some more horror stuff there it's a great month to get that conversation going and so after you guys Shit if you want to discuss the episode Chris and I'll talk about on the show and we record on Thursday and I got one more piece of business so fire season we only have a few left unfortunately it's very strange but here's the other thing on is stepping it up today posted a me I'm going to start trying to post something every day we'll pick the person we think is right we'll make it happen there we go Chris Ready to talk about this one luckily reduce ourselves I'm rob feel free and you know we'll start we'll start talking about some horror stuff even outside of American horror story so Chris this was and all of our disturbed or Southie group stuff too so yeah yeah I want to put some more stuff up on I know like we were on crypt keeper she had us on for an interview I know that there are a lot of fans there let's talk about horror saucer posting some stuff they are Chris if you've gotten if you WANNA post after the show so bummed we need a podcast discouraged you know what you deserve time Korean is about the doing and we will stick with it for the through killers some of our predictions were right yes they were so what happened what happened just how `bout you great criminal I can find a blue box cafe or backstabbing one seven six on social media also GEEKS CON with Z. It's it's very shocking so I don't know but we did get some stuff right and they're you know again it's another tell all walk people's backgrounds of finally got a little bit about Montana's background yup we got a little bit of Margaret's background which we were we totally called you're done but I mean I thought was Italian going to be why is she going to be wanting Brooke dead and it was because of the wedding obviously they put it Margaret and I called Montana's I've not discussing fuck with my wife about it I don't I don't think you called that it was going to be hat but remember at the end of the last episode she kissed him I think we were just like yeah this is going to evolve into something I don't think we went into prediction so did you Dave I bought it with I think as we go forward we're going to see the night before the wedding and she is evil the final girl that she's a good girl at everything that that she's a victim here and I think right with him I don't know possibly that's what's going to happen probably I think we're being set up the cheese he is he's like Jason though he's like Superhuman Richard Ramirez took a knife and stabbed down his back and he's still got up and killed Ramirez into him but they did yeah she manipulated this guy I love him he got up after she killed him I loved it how she was going to be tied in with wanting to get her killed maybe it'll dead I don't remember I mean I think we're we're just talking about or maybe I speculated after okay but didn't we call that too he said Margaret was the one that did it maybe jingles didn't do anything and we didn't have it completely right we didn't say oh well he had electroshock therapy and they put it the puck gets up Hud's yeah I mean they were again once again pulled liberal the the best man was were brother how did they not know that or how was that how do you think they're gonNA flip the cards and we're gonNA find out that she actually did sleep it from other stories on I mean even even went as far as they the pulp fiction on us so they did maybe she's setting all this stuff up to talk about the end result so it was so eighties and then engineers he was he was dissing to the idol come go ahead from that's the crowd now you know what's really funny about that earlier would he walked in when she called him Rambo there was he was stabbed through there so it's like right into the sore how bad scene Palmer it's like yeah yeah no that's an absolutely great scene but I felt sorry for Eric Stoltz getting bounced the kind of and then he gets he gets stabbed back he gets shot three times shot where he looked up and his hair was kinda down that was what I was like Oh she's supposed to be like the crow but it I didn't remember that you just said this Macho man oh man robes better men met aerobics at night cokes up hey guys give it a finger I love that guy he's like why are you why are we listening to this metal music had billy idol this metal music I want to offer one see I was thinking of that there's a there's a movie called rest stop where he walks she's got the bloody feet it reminded me of that could have been lobbying who's also not carey itching I mean birdy comes back for one less attempt and then what was that from is one of my favorite just the roommates in back and she's allstone although the Yoshi stolen she's watching the whole thing like just as macab what's his name showed showed the guy call the other guy showed in this one goes I haven't heard that since the eighties maybe they always had something where the lights went out there in the locker room and you know it usually there's somebody looking through a people they didn't have that but they're killing off main characters left and right though I mean people are going to be left although I mean Ramirez got resurrected but doc carries the other one but I thought Constantine work the devil comes out because the character and where he comes down to Polka the the the when she was in the locker room it reminded me of the faculty or any other eighties they called Ramirez out for being Rambo and then but it's not him it's setting those traps and total Rambo traps that was he did with the needle around watch it with Martha and she's just like Oh my God no and I said well you saw this picture like that when they were both bleeding and then he had to push he went a little deep scream or I mean also isn't there like you know neither like the whole thing with the whole third so yeah so her about her exercise class you have it was obviously Hansel and Gretel but I was also thinking of Freddie in I think it's new nightmare do you remember the hidden new nightmare when they put in the oven doc slowly she's like just let's get this over with but how about him he's like acting like oh I'm burned no have you ever gotten let's comes out he's like oh no he sacrificed David so yeah no just think back more I just love how much how about that he's laying there at told did it totally look like an alien Brockton looks the pro tougher bent from that's the crow put them from other places the trap whatever I mean that's that was so great we're Rambo yeah were they they will I can't remember at the end where Ramirez got against brought back to life early what he's got some beard and Mustache Combo I'm GonNa just I'M GONNA call it right down exactly birdy comes from the basically comes on the green to save them held in with a soup ladle preventative getting out yes us remember that it's like oh he's the big headed there was that was a little oh would she would he would he had to plunge it in was s memory reminded scream I don't know it was so did they ever seen you why did you why don't you want to be killed Hugh might when she was messed up she wasn't going to survive she didn't want to be left there and like how attractive Chris I think you should get that beard mustache it's okay I tried the beard it didn't work so total silence of the lambs at the jess what he was like look at my own my God could you rip off for more but yeah until they were trying to say there did jingles here her and disappear and he just kind of closed his eyes like blacked out for a second or is jingles like magic the same whatever magic has brought that hitchhiker around could it be the same kind of magic that's playing here maybe I don't know maybe he disappeared because he if you're GONNA buy that lot right don't be so obvious warming yoga the problem with those of a back to the future because he actually could act like it and it's like Oh Yup have the Christopher Michael J.

08:28 - 18:45

Fox ed but it's like that is there's not a whole lot of space so you put as much house as cat that's the only way to get any kind of value out of it so they've done that in Seoul and then he's walking he's got the blood on the feet and I I can't think of the guy's name that I love that movie that's one of my favorite things at all so we're here when we saw after the the new houses put in that newhouse was just ridiculous I mean it didn't look like anything else in the neighborhood it stuck out like a sore thumb and you're like grew up front I want to say we had a a message this week that that they're kind of bummed out that we friend was killed by genuine Gezi and he had the like the beard that when like like straight down and he talked like this uh-huh and that seem oh you know you still got this thing going on thank you have you own a restaurant you burn your finger hurts like hell and it hurts like hell for a long time and you pick it his skin is peeling off dude yes and then he's out running around because crawls over Brittany runs in your runs into jingles and jingles disappears now I with the bloody feet that was street from constantly with the Dell was it will remember guard would they David disappeared like no houses up for sale with a lot is would like at were you like beard from one of the guys from CC top I mean Dale who was like a couple of yeah yeah they got a whittal bound does that count it was pretty boss pretty sued I can't I I had a friend Dave that had one of those and he had a long when he's the guy who's in what melting yeah I was thinking of robocop yeah it was when he was in the in the oven I mean the House the House has gone yeah we really did you ever try by their by their before yeah yeah so we're we my friend was eaten by a clown is beared by my client like what Davey was we'd watch polo played his friend asleep bad for killing every out that it wasn't him because that was after you got he said this isn't me right and do this or whatever screaming and crying going good perfect way and if approved and he's literally like melted steady standard lots and the only way to make it work as they did the same thing in Lincoln widow park park is much bigger lots Norwood park are those especially those collar suburbs of Chicago 'cause it knew that Elmwood is that what that was yeah think so yeah I mean they're all right there they all have those do whatever the hell out of here definitely she's embracing it because she said like our journey's complete we've reversed this now sized I if I have to kill him I have to stop this but as soon as she did it's like Oh that feels good when she stabbed jody and she's like Oh feel so good like oh boy she is not coming back from this and did you notice when she was talking to the rest of the yeah so what's going to happen here I mean so she is she's full-on psycho now and she is so she has embraced this I'm the killer whereas before I think she was I think she was bathing him there so that she could I mean that's cutting like your spine how did he live coat.

18:45 - 26:02

I don't know maybe the coats magic I I don't know maybe he's just yeah but they didn't resort to like in the eighties it would have been like one of them would have ripped the other one's shirt off in the cat fight or they didn't do anything the man head bashed in Nope nope that's what she hit her with that stick Bam it was like that was really fantastic imagine knowing that you didn't do a going in getting treatment being convinced that you didn't do it and then coming back then Brooke was up into things he's trapped in it and Jingles Ramirez that was a great scene when Ramirez was up he's like dude you're a legend but I gotta kill you now once again jingles if you watch it Ramirez takes that he's got that night but I don't know what you call that type of nights it's worked but it takes that knife and he gets right into jiggles back it's goes down win when the opportunity arose and she could she could set up jingles so so messed up from being in being in the asylum it hasn't affected he's got the magic coach the magic I I don't think he's working with the nurse I don't think she baited him yeah I don't think she baited him I think she truly was trying to do whatever the psycho thing was but when he showed up she really next that was that was really great it was totally Freddie versus Jason and when we push the thing and Brixton right fighting names Dot Rita Donald we're calling Rita they started fighting that was awesome here good she she took a good shock because he had the blood orders not jingles she's the Alpha and he'll have to kill her because he wants he's like it's my turn and he's fully possessed at this point nothing was fantastic and you know Martha was laughing we're sitting here watching it and she was like Oh my God why am I watching this from like because it's amazing and and then she goes to great now they've got to have a cat fight at the US I think they are I think they are I think that this story that we're seeing play out is going to be wrapped up you know but now she's going to have to contend with Ramirez Ramirez kinder side maybe on last time but be done with it right I think she was really being done with it but then she realized oh I have bloodlust this feels really good fire though she did that because she's GonNa Kill Him we are just going to kill all those people are there any kids actually coming in probably one of the only people that was really nice to him right Yup turns out to be the person that puts you in there basically and the crew she standing in front of the car on fire like she's in Hell Shelley's the devil carry wasn't yeah total your company Oh true no I think Margaret really was having kids there I don't think she said any of this up other than barely very I mean okay well there's four and then you've got Margaret Margaret you got five the typical blood out of the mouth lineup yes yeah with your blood was lyles like this is great yeah yeah that was column at it would be like okay now the whole story can go to rest and I can do this fantasy Beta number two he's working with it is I was back yet that things spikes through his head right through high that he was fine so I have a feeling and then Richard Ramirez and Mr Jingles right yeah six people is you can't two thousand nineteen who's still alive Xavier Montana Rook Rita sets the live right go four episodes and not have at least one die as you whittle it down you've got like three bad guys running around yeah that's what I was thinking about I couldn't remember where but yeah no it was it was good wasn't and of course she obviously started the card AAC IT air poll didn't do though they were fighting you have labor fighting would read a picked up that rocket like just like loop you know is he going to come back are the others GonNa get stuck in this loop are they gonNa have this like I know I killed you uh you know he may not in error he may not come back and be the character we saw because he has died and resurrected if they're all trapped there wouldn't all those girls that that Margaret killed wouldn't they pop up because I don't know I don't know man I think we haven't seen that hitchhiker he's out there the dude that appeared dispirit what what was that with him so fast it's like I don't what are they gonNA do they gonNa do another roanoke and they're going to have him go to like back to the real life and it's clash forward you're GONNA we've we've been before so yeah so yeah I don't know man asked die to he's another one that has today so you got anything else for this one no I can see like my wife is not particularly like the seasons she thinks it's frivolous and not very scary nor very good I don't think it's very scary but I'm having a blast win Glenn he may not be even the Ramirez we saw he may be more ruthless he might be the devil incarnate just doing state I don't I think you know I I like the payoff with kind of Brooks back story I liked the payoff with rocking back and forth of July. She's GonNa get out she's GonNa get out it's so obvious at Aetna Madison and Rita's remember the scene where they met that twosies to maybe but if he figures out that she is the one that did the but then there's a good chance that it's going to turn brook is the big bad who you think is the final girl is the big bet that might be the good ones so that actually might be that would be a great twist but then again this is episode what four right we got a long way to go man so we'll see that one tomorrow and then Thursday will be back to talk about it and we'll be right here on get vocal hopefully we'll get this figured out so that it actually streams on our facebook page which is what it's suppose I know there's some setting wrong or something's not working I'll figure it out hey before we go I got a couple of things we definitely a little bit even though he killed a bunch of dudes coming back so yeah he's he's definitely not a good guy he's got a good guy but I can understand him being you know have some some sponsors I'd like to share with you number one if you shop at Amazon which most of us do go to the link Amazon dot you know what I mean like hotel can't get away from it I don't know oh that could be everybody's trapped there although everything's the same but everything you spend on that visit we get a tiny commission for which is awesome it doesn't add up to it's not really a lot but over time it could to be doing worker and I it shows the lake I think it's got this stream on my personal page because Birdie said they'll be here in a couple of hours I think over the next like two episodes how does bring Margaret told her like it freak show wasn't necessarily scare either though but Grecia was freaky freak show was very strange this is strange is is is is the or video that would be better yeah sure but I mean this whole thing with Xavier's he mean that I thought that was you know I I like it just because of all the you