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Oct 9, 2019

Slashdance s9e3 - Disturbed: The American Horror Story Podcast

It's a new episode of the Disturbed Podcast.  Chris and Rob discuss the third episode of the ninth season of FX's “American Horror Story: 1984”. 

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00:10 - 09:59

Welcome to the latest episode of just her the American story podcast still figured out how to do the intro music fear that'll be on the next episode I promise you that blood I am going to put that link right now on here disturbed should have to say is hey man go to lynch story and equal and let's if I find it I did you can send email to us at disturbed podcast at you can also go like if you go to our facebook page you can communicate with us we love to get in conversation also you can send us an email also has our webpage on there which has if you go to that it has a donate button if you want to support the show and help keep things going in paradise tune in radio and radio public all of those links are on our link tree now so if you're somebody who listens Ipod bean let's just go to the main one until I get it worked out you can send that to unless I haven't on here hold on already screwing things up WanNa once again mentioned we have been putting all of our links on our Lincoln tree you can go to L. I. N. K. T. R. Die were on stitcher apple podcasts Lipson Player FM. I'll tell which I'd never heard of Hod being listened notes pod bad right now we have links to I'm GonNa just read through our facebook instagram twitter you can get if you if you are looking for us on a different podcast it's like I think we suspected everybody is completely a disaster the show and is great though our email it says so there you go that's our that's our linked sugary Scott everything that we shouldn't have to go through all that every time dot e slash disturbed and from there or I'm sorry disturbed pod so you've got a victory pot of their uncast g mail dot com I hope that works I don't know how that'll work as far as something you can click on but it's here we'll figure that part of it out so let's get into this slash dance slow excited what a great name what a great great episode go there click on it boom now you know where you can get where you can subscribe these are really cool pod catchers I had not seen a lot of them so I'm really excited that we're there from what I've seen it's a really cool who used to get yeah yeah and I don't know if it worked or not Chris if you go to link tree you could an analyst episode when they went into the nurse's office to find the keys and what's but there was something that I was like I wasn't even thinking like oh she's in on it or she's it was just there was something that was like she didn't seem they went over and started looking through Brooke started going through the desk trying to find the keys and Rita the nurse just stood there right it's her office about that later in the show stay tuned ooh okay so yeah I was complete Louis I was completely struck by the fact that she didn't get the keys and then tonight I wouldn't go over to her own desk just grabbing my Rita Yeah right right rita all I literally just watched it I am full of things I wanNA talk about me too I got that about half hour ago all my gosh before we jump in okay I'll tell you exactly what it is I can actually pinpoint the moment now that I'm thinking about it it was in the last episode we may have talked about this yeah I was I was surprised repeatedly through this one like stuff I just like Vietnam flashback whatever self yet so she's not the real killer and she actually ambushes nurse Rita spoiler she got there in the car of the Rio Rita so this whole entire episode is they're doing backstories on ally I think we talked a little bit about Kinda fence about the season and this one just got me off there were twist upon twins the twins light I was questioned like the nurse something seemed weird about her I mean yeah exactly yes she is actually some psycho psychologists that what's the interview all these serial killers mass murder that's later it wasn't that you know here's another thing about Rita as long as we're talking about readout win his look that up for us but gives us it took me to our page which you wouldn't have the password for but maybe takes you to your g mail and it sends an email to us I'm putting joins us live now on our facebook group so hopefully somebody will join us here we'll do we have any listeners going on right now that's Ted Bundy where she keeps saying it's pornography and the killing in Asia that caused crazy it'd be real killers and smart right and the first thing she says is you don't very tired for a graduate student in a doctoral program and he goes on and I thought I thought there's going to be more to this story than even what we know right now what we know is she one who she did it in the last so we see her again and she's meeting with quote Unquote Rita Right studying serial killers and she went and she saw jingles and she's got this hypothesis that she's trying to work and we're like okay this way up there and steal sir great yellow rabbit convertible Y'all typical what you think the the the person who went bike retailers that's the one I shared so hopefully that'll work yeah give vocal completely digging it also can be is this is what the story is going to be but that comment about her not being tired I don't think she's even a psychologist I think she's going to be what are those those I bet those are her keys got there somehow no she did not okay and she runs over she starts going through that then you get the keys after he jumps through he comes with a window at her and I was like why didn't she do that the last and something seemed we're you didn't see coming they're questioning I was questioning I hate to say it this way because I don't want you to think that I actually like knew anything was going on I really did she cares right kill whoever to get to whatever but I don't know if she's there to kill jingles well I mean see she said enough so he old by one of these serial killers and she's GonNa Learn what she can add eradicate the serial killers like she's flipped and become the psycho you either a reporter or a superfan of serial killers moore a former like maybe her kid was killed.

05:20 - 11:00

Okay okay I'm back so let's see I already forgot ninety bogle both of the wing could you share that well I mean as we go forward that they aren't really hurt keys so she has no idea what they are probably looked down on for like two seconds newspaper and it had the picture of the camp opening his hand his finger when immediately to her right and and he dr here's here's like this California girl while hair blue eyes she was she was right she went in to talk to a man it's Orla Brady is the name of the actress because we have a good friend who Orla Brady that we saw over there with we went to Ireland we went and saw her and her well to offer new husband they've been married quite a while but it's the first time we'd met him Dr Mia Mind Hunter Brian Hundred Religious Psycho mindhunter Yeah right I believe because he did all in one shot wondering whether this adult he's a serial killer version of injury in candidate maybe Ma a serial killer or not we don't know I'm sorry he's a spree killer about minor characters I guess is the way to put it or some of their back stories on some of the people and who thinks his nursery data is not nursery he could escape and told them exactly how to escape which will convenient but it's it's Kinda it was kinda shirt was is walk up and they're like we're Mr Jingles what did they call themselves like Jingle Faux jingles or something I don't know who cares Jonas is he's a mass murderer the only killing ever did was at that camp we do know that he did some killing at the camp we've seen him killing tonight a mass murderer as of eight out of the right out of the eighties and the Rena kills are takes her car and drives up that's why she could find the keys because she had no idea what it was do your typical slasher Bill I can't find the keys I gave her the keys and ended the absolute I got him in your head gets yeah right he's still we still because he goes I went into a haze psychotic break and I did all these murders yep all Mitt Yeltsin right but then there's the the the the guy they called him wide load IMDB I love this but I mean but at the time I didn't know and I was thinking I wondered why and then when I saw her I forgot that until he's a mass murderer is a master he's not a serial killer mass murdered we just we felt right but what age because he walks up and like totally ready to cut this guy down to the Guy Hey man I'm just one of you guys and please let me do this and he's the coolest yeah hey all the camps opening here there's three hundred you right exactly like you could figure that out right but but but they still don't really address the fact that he may not be the serial killer that he made those dreams guy and didn't do the killings because I saw her go to the desk and then I was like got him found I'm like what what's so now we know let's go then he gets killed in the pit which was great great Exchan- I I did like that he didn't talk for ten years he's talked to the first thing he says is I lost something so Hyper Foods Co.

11:01 - 15:48

hypo everything that could be what's affecting US high fructose corn Syrup two thousands thing to say the Baxter she's a serial killer serial killer that could be it I mean who knows although Dexter didn't kill innocent whereas for her I don't think it's like an eighty thing to say it's like you would say that now of course has gone everybody so it's really great who knows maybe it was her maybe it will you know who we didn't see his associates up well you know that was just it when he when she handed him the news check his pulse no he did he went over but he didn't actually because there would have been a false he so she goes on some go strips as he walks away looking well he goes I know my mom paid you to take me Dan if you watched later when they pull him off it was up here so that's shoulder me he might bleed out but he might not so some preppy fraternity and some guy accidentally pledged fall down the stairs during L.

15:48 - 23:48

Knight and ray of course Ed just seeing her makes me want to stab her a lot right earning her name is Margaret it's those gross character in crude mad at her God with the guy was standing over the pit you do it right you do it was gonna be wide load that they were gonNA push they focus by number one before this happened race spills his guts why he's escaping here's another backstory dot ray was in God that was great they show like Dude Craig it's like what am I got that was amazing there was another one I didn't see coming I just WANNA get design jiggles there's one bigger loser than me and I got like I can't I can't kill you overreacting guys dead I wanNA push them out the clip in his car and make it look like it's an accident the guy wakes up yes maybe maybe because he killed all the kids and he just wants to kill her 'cause fat and he's not bad he's just creepy janitor do Navy he's maybe ethic so then wait around what's what's his character with the gun so I may have done this but he doesn't he doesn't know what he's doing he will doubt resolving did it with his thumb which you have a pulse in your bum so you never take a pulse your thoughts so not technically whatever so he did the the common they think he's dead because he's all freaked out fall into a spike trap we've just kind of like right Outta Rambo look I'll eighty movies will shut gets impaled out of speed I've been over there it's probably a trap if Margaret is really trying to capture jingles maybe she's trying to capture him so he can't tell her secret lie we think we've seen now as the best guys who you guys dress of all my watch the way that carwin down there I mean it didn't like flip over anything really survive right down the hill probably maybe he's going to show up and regardless maybe that's her trap is that but these boneheads fell in and and now they killed somebody and air check yelling they save as they're pulling them out they see what they think as Mr Jingles locking right pepper be the loser kid and now that he's GonNa Chase after Ray at this point so then Riggs he's not gonNA show up the race story lines over Hannah after their excursion with the you know they're thinking the cabin ray takes off as those Xavier and trevor or walk around the shoulder probably not gonNA kill them but it hurts bad well might not kill him but that could be could punctured along which they didn't take I gotta get it for it because he's much cover right Trevor Kirchner Trevor Rubber Vive you're buying ray there with monty the they they had it was funny because when it first showed it looks like it was pretty far down which right here you're getting you're getting lung right survivable it's almost there he'll be ok he's his tickled but so I mean supposed to be clever guy wakes up and then he put his clever the guy supposedly we don't know but the once again we didn't see that he died if he leaving anybody behind people met like five minutes ago I whatever so that they their their intent is going to same that was the music I rob southgate with me Chris Hey Chris so we have not talked about this how dumb are those guys when they're like Oh Jiggle Senate trump did the GEICO's maybe the other guy did it the other guy how much time do they think these guys had there was a giant bit you can't dig at like five minutes really no kidding so that seems to me like it's GonNa be Barbara Call that Margaret yet 'cause jingles on the guy's neck and they've been at that three everybody stops at that tree right for everybody that tree and the pit is like ib securely belt they show it 'cause Xavier as a running around they literally are at the cars in can leave Xabier Trevor like we go save Burger you Margaret there been anybody that a giant pit it's not like those guys were screaming the entire time at how so the breakfast says you know what he's got a Shetty I got two tickets to the show I got guns rate and I and of course when they put it up against the tree like that I had another Friday the thirteenth flashback when he puts zip line oh they they do this he's got to chat thing in the chest pass out just like not hurting the whole thing up man other eight eight they've mentioned our nurse tonight our cook they'd mentioned burden and make sure in the previews for next week so yeah did they. I didn't see the previews it leaves jet there and you know shuttle goes like other leg buddy an enraged a thought you know it's here's the keys to the motorcycle this was a great thing to Ray in Montana go to get other motorcycle to go call the police and come back yeah they get down there the motorcycle y'all seem them but raised down there with him and rape result because he's a chicken Trevor Get's the keys to the uh-huh is a bad guy we we are assuming Margaret is a bad guy jingles definitely a bad guy whether he is the Ed Guy We think he is or not I don't know let's see I was raised the first of our group to die you know it's fantastic when he was writing that motorcycle you're like what's going to happen I thought it was going to be a wire across it was gonNA chocolate set up it's the night stalker we could get away with this this way so maybe he's not the night stalker because it's very weird but I think we have an explanation as to why is I hesitate to say a bad guy but a bad guy and we know that quote unquote reading informing him and bringing him a law that kiss was fabulous when that happened I was like if they did you notice there was creek obese does yeah you home I got she'll she'll throw you off yeah he's unbelievable were when he matt like three days ago right right but that also makes me wonder if she was if this guy let's say this is her boyfriend we'll just go with boyfriend looks enough like what you would think the night stalker would will look like and she was using him like you're going to do this everyone's going to think for everybody is I mean everybody really is this is so fantastic and the thing is to me I'm a huge fan of those eighties horror movie but instead of that go Roy Trevor B.

23:49 - 31:49

B. C. Sound yes and I thought did she stab it though she bitter yeah right she bit him and pulled him in for the kiss with Oh she he showed up at the camp and all that stuff were like what is going on is a real obviously I think yeah she's telling him she's bathing him she's bringing him not aiding him she the three of you runs basically right into Richard Ramirez richert slashes them up in the arm and of instead of leaving them check came back the goes in the cabin of Rabi and the Chicken Pizza pavilion he wants to run a lead the other three people like it's like he's like supernatural once again very Friday the thirteenth when he comes through the window when it kicks it hold door comes off the hinges and falls be kilrea in is this gonna Flash back for the wedding the her red wedding maybe it's like yellow somebody was in there maybe you know she's a friend of Richard Ramirez you look like doesn't mini is because now we know what we found out in the last seconds is he's working with this right so this is just like every trout way the dialogue is written the way the characters acting there's no way on Tanna they're trying to they're trying to kill Brooke Are Capture Brooke or whatever it is what she said waiting for the other shoe to drop this is American horse there is no way this is the show were watching Sir absolutely there is no way is it going to be next episode is going to be the episode it was just so like satisfying to me it was so funny I laughed so much during this episode and the thing is it was one of the goriest who knows but it's it's great you know cuts I love it he's driving what a Ninja motorcycle tabor's Buddy and not Richard Ramirez out by tackling oh he's a big dude whatever against the wall so they they all escape you think he's really raise up her killer and allowed Mary trope us the guy is going to be the first one guy but you guys you guys a good death it's not following it I don't know because we were around three so we'll get one or two more like this and then something's going to happen I don't know it's doing that eighty s Gore where it's like win Rita got the boat or screw her neck and then they showed it and then he turned the light on so you sought slowed maybe not going that fast but fast enough he gets his head cut up in coast like twenty feet in the vulgar over it was so bad like I mean even more clearly was was that was fantastic to Matt Morrison sitting there looking through the fish net you can see him playing his day US oats sure you know we've had a lot of Gora twisty the clown and all that that was all pretty I mean there's been a lot of Gore hotel had a lot of Gore but this one yeah rockets who gets crash racket he's driving down I mean they're just like so powerful he's driving down I was just watching that I'm waiting for the bike like with over the fence and explode it just Kinda goes on his head and the bike falls over they probably did sure he gets it so he gets it right down the throat the payoff they didn't like he walked over and she turned her neck open Donna standing right next to a hug is like really off all three of them were in the room with him just hit Brooke acts and they don't we don't know you know 'cause there's that could be why would why would my tantamount to die right you're quote unquote the look is going on here which the abuse the hell out of in the first opening the doors get back into the way right wasted a fifteen dollar voters crashes so we just gotTa gotTa laid on the ground we'll be okay yeah yeah yup jails have appropriate vision of an aunt because he you must be looking like Donald Toilet paper tube he can't see anything he's like Walker where he walks in he sees her he's she's like on the ground like oh he goes over he's got his machete it really gory look there was there was a lot of ad in this one and there was a lot of Friday the thirteenth and there was I had a I had another and kind of and he doesn't see any of them he does his thing and I love how he he did the total Jason thing in one when when she went in to talk to win Rita Quote Unquote Rita winning to talk to the completely yelled at and pointed at one that was excellent excellent so bad we just keep after whatever her name is Dr Hobble It reminded me of the man is it click you like what why why did he turn the light at you we could we could see it but it was just to give us ready to go and he looks around grabs a broken boat or and then he's GonNa hit her in the head or something I know he they're using both as a template which one think something's not real like he's maybe be Michael Myers and and Jason I think that they're oh she added this bit of and he went up and went away and she said she's the one really pulling the strings should now we know we know Montana but it's it's insane it reminded me that's a so much of that so it seems like with with with Jingles they're doing two things they're making him she she could that could be in episode four all of a sudden Mimi is there and she's his mom and she's another killer maybe it's real not like it's a reality show maybe it's not real like he's once again mentioned candidate they're filling his head with these ideas and having him play this `and God it's Joe He's GonNa pull that out it's GonNa be great he's he's so saffy it's so bad it's just so so who did we miss did we miss anybody in this one also rita the bacteria they gave raised back story would also the over let's see we saw ray we saw rita that was really perfect and he's he's I think he's I think they're going like weird science is a little bit because Bill Paxton the town of their we don't have everybody's backstory we have glimpses we have a glimpse Xavier's we have a glimpse into we don't have