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Oct 18, 2019

Red Dawn s9e5 - Disturbed: The American Horror Story Podcast

It's a new episode of the Disturbed Podcast.  Chris and Rob discuss the fifth episode of the ninth season of FX's “American Horror Story: 1984”. 

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00:10 - 07:08

So five American horror story four we're talking dawn I'm rob southgate with me is hey nine rain if I turn it does that change your head Yeah Nice head Chris Station big from the car If there are comments Chris you're going to have to manage that I'm not seeing it I don't know why but I was seeing things pop up the so this episode was nuts were I mean I mean seriously dude what was across the board so if you go to twitter instagram facebook type in at disturbed pod you'll find us on all of them I ended a couple of those today we're GonNa actually add content there we're going to add content to twitter I had some turns out we had an instagram since we started this actually since Jeff it's got were the hosts and all that time one post close close enough students okay don't worry about it it's ninety ninety fans on here next American horror story fans so we're going to start sharing some stuff and making this a kind of a fun horrid group that is rooted in American Horror Story Ashley this season's giving us a lot of fodder work with eighties horror movies little bit of nineties horror movies even though they're claiming eighties so so but we did get some answers oh wait we should we should give our social media we finally got our our instagram and everything worked out it's all the same so does this look okay all right that's the last time Gonna add that because there's nothing worse than a podcast where all they do is talk about how it looks or how it sounds L. and we've got a lot of cool I've been making a content calendar there we're gonNA start using to put cool stuff on here because there's a lot of cool horse stuff we have a lot of horror chance to Brooke did not sleep with that guy she said she didn't than what's her name I I don't have any names I forget everybody's name Montana clan don't oh she slept with him I know she did and that's where my brother's dead and yet that's not true we found out because I am putting all the links to all social media in other we have it all squared away I've updated and then on all of our platforms where you can find the show on our link yeah so okay so we got our I'm GonNa go with one answer right away we got one answer we had speculated there was interaction today we had a couple of people say that they that they were going to be joining us tonight's hope Boyd here even though this is a Janke setup hopefully they're joining us if there are any there were bets that shit so I don't know if there are not so it's GonNa be kind of a funny one I'm using my regular Mike Chris is a giant head and that's Chris Lemmon the I gotta turn it the other way this killing my hand so what can I do join us which is L. I. N. T. R. Dot e slash disturbed pod so everything is disturbed hot though it's all uniform not even bother so if the sound is terrible on this one blame it on my daughter we can point and make fun of her so car with you she slept with ray the ghost of ray or whatever you that she was a virgin the other thing car with you now or sour no she ended up right now so one of the big were you low I look like a train wreck did I that's okay so I don't know if I should turn the car off either here is a person that we got you plus if you go with the tropes of the eighties horror movies the final girl is typically virgin and she was definitely find out oh they definitely spun that in this that was cool how they did it so so we learned that part of it what did you think of that back story at the beginning I said Oh I believe her surprise me down I was like why would she quirk in that moment why would she have to why no her because she wasn't dead yet Nah yeah those pictures how many how many pictures were on that wall yeah probably like Yeah Yeah so big time serial killer And I I bet they were all different women it wasn't one woman torture a bunch of different with Rita Oh yeah of course beyond belief so I mean you know the dad finds a dad thinks team will years technically go over and he walks in with bleach seriously he was GonNa pour bleach in there he wasn't there to clean up he was going to torture what the Hell I've never seen that before no art we have I don't remember somebody doing that but he went right into jugular versus trophy it's one free so yeah and how quick was he too getting around that bed and disembowel because really didn't wait a long time to go in there and for no probably not so he's he's a fast mover he's like dolemite thought actually don't buy the cycle so that helps I got stabbed I tell you that you did I tell fellow molly he has a Jag the leather jacket it was very you know I'd like I thought they made it look like Sam Jackson and Black Snake Moan he was dead Oh yeah that's in that had to be a strong that's a big night putting your neck do not have multiple so yeah we're hazard chained up you know and I was like are they doing blasting bone where weird they how about when he killed himself he's spoiled when he stabbed himself in the next Katori yes 'cause picking and choosing who what goes coming back and he goes Oh said certain individuals officials say yes I stabbed myself cooking in the arm like good one when two inches in they keep showing up no kidding so I don't know and also here's another weird thing that happened win if you notice that the end when ray tries to leave except jingles and Ramirez we're not dead they were resurrected so they're not spirit there resurrect yeah man like season or next episode you know which did you see that or not oh yeah of course of course ridiculous I Baal is bad yeah that was disgusting and then she put the was ridiculous here's one thing I learned it summer camp robinhood dinner theater like trump he's like yes but also I completely I completely doug that whole idea of them going to Los Angeles I think we're GONNA get anniversary of zone anniversary or whatever jingles becomes Zodiac because we ever see his face if they do that for the hundreds episode we find out that he puts the mascot and he goes off and he's Zodiac because we saw Zodiac walk in my great heels win win can college like thirty years ago those the campground he falls right back in as we know that's going to happen with with the hitchhiker which swimming happens with all of them right right that's not because she she a visceral rated you know I mean if you look at the next coming sure Chris you're right out that I was thinking the same thing when they showed the three of them at the end and you saw Montana and Ray and you were in college so you were drunk and you just shut out at your find so Chris is bringing up he goes he's thinking that that this might be story of what happens in Los Angeles which which I into the night stalker general that but with Diane See I was wondering if he was dead already earlier win win because he was acting so weird I thought maybe he did Bernadette but let's get shot with the forty seven which was so bad that was awful I laughing through this episode the real fun stuff maybe we'll get some crossover maybe Ramirez go to the hotel who knows maybe because this is the hundred get out to Christmas and Jingles may not survive since we don't see him at Devil's night but you'll aggressive he might not you might not have noticed he even admits your I really wasn't killer until tonight so I don't think he is serious right now he's got a streak killer yeah I mean but it's GonNa be it's GonNa be I'm wondering where they're going with that because if it was just Ramirez Jingle going out and killing spree order he killed them all at one time people right for three who like Hell Birdie he called attack Murray Heidi 'cause this is mean hotel was based on real killer that we know about Gigolo was also based on killers that stayed at the hotel the second he's he's he said that he goes I was resurrected I was killed by was resurrected by the ball then when Jingle Jingle the night fell off in China and it landed the tip went right into my little bell and right right by the nail no damage but I- blood like l.

07:50 - 13:53

both are stuck in the camp were where are the three dumb asses these drugs jingles whereas Debbie girls from nineteen seventy and the other plane I'm assuming he did yes Zodiac Dingo during the eighties like early eighties seventies killers okay well isn't Zodiac earlier to Zodiac in the seventies and eighties or later how dare you throw logic macer other saying I mean he why he does now he knows he didn't kill Xavier Xavier unabridged if he really saw him there yeah they've you're right I was like I was like you know what there are way too many missing here the hitchhiker did the only one from that time how were they were killer right injuring singles or they they went there and they were learning their craft jean-gilles may never may not ever and not be a bad thing that might not be right for live with actually thinking that's what we were getting when they showed gone to Los Angeles I was like okay they're gonNA leave these ghosts behind and now we're going to get the our standards we don't we don't have any Peter's we don't have Sarah Paulson we don't have I mean we have people that have been here but we don't have those there might be Zodiac we might with that mascot and Zodiac was there at hell yeah but these though because I think he's just aspect to know man he's he's he plays weird well you're then kilburn he's he thinks he killed Birdie wavier yeah so he'll break Xavier because you didn't see Abeer until maybe he doesn't count right and he guilty new belt we figure this out he's a mass murder he's not a spree killer he's not a serial killer he's on a spree killer use a master I think the next season is going to be back with the winches another yeah yeah so you know if you're going to do that let's let's have a are you there like the staple of Kathy Bates has become a staple there they're not here but I like doing Loris stepping up right the right person he might chosen facial hair by you can't tell you I need Peter's weeds right and Sarah Paulson I think they should do that.

13:53 - 19:55

There's a new owner is weird have you noticed it seems Kinda weird this season to not have that'd be great because it would be twisty twisty was way earlier though one thing the same actor isn't it oh it is the same actor ideas completely wrong but I can rest easy with that because that is hard for the course goes marks can be like you just can't come here he yes well and Cordelia that'd be that'd be great out by guys like Denis O'hare just in all his glory season that is just Evan Peters characters though murder out right I'd be down with that like a reporter or something yeah I go back and watch them Rono do oh come on man remember those weird Chris good mood lighting for my car Christmas suggesting that for the final season of being like a mega mix of super friends mercy repeater site don't come back as March though as possible even oh yeah yeah we need like they keep saying that yeah podcasting that would have been off limits to early I know but it would have been great I want to be versus the legion of Doom and bring back everybody down that would be amazing imagine you could get like Casey and sound is GonNa be this time mainly because my daughter had a rehearsal tonight and I had to take her which means I have to record here Crispin Glover is he just wear DB is what he's a great player he's beyond that but looking for work right acting employers really is a really good actor cody Fernie might be but I think are a great actor in the same way that like controversy we're GONNA have vocal show no he couldn't do that 'cause video although look at us who cares right was it like what do the dance dying yeah he's he was awesome how about alot like seventeen so often but it's only thirteen character in apocalypse yeah that'd be great that I'll have to play the good and the bad like vegtable verses whichever Sarah Paul's character you on I think so also aw I just want burned up Dennis O'Hara show yeah I'll razor right jen she was like Margaret Stab yourself in the leg was remember she told jingle killer and jiggles Lady Gaga the woods where the can be you know so we got we got Rina's motivation we know why she to play her two headed character other characters dealing with we would have we would have syrup often clown I can't think of his name crust it's cross state no it was Oh my God here's what she is she get killed in this one I can't remember who Ria Moh she did so where was she at the commit let me girls was pretty good in itself I mean you know I think everyone's been graded and and what is cody has been he's it's so good here he's played the snivelling well well bed these I like him I I have to go into radio I just said his name today to I can't think of his name who is somebody's gotta write it with the Eight on the same guy the two nurses that were walking around out up was good stuff album they did it by you got clear their per second that was amazing yet in that one and then when he was would you report it remember when he in the Enron Enron in Rota Hughes kind of a coup yeah the live with what you all right and then left so she citadel son Margaret Alive Ramirez and Jingles are quote Unquote Alive and Bruce a lot right I doubt it was the funniest thing driving the bus oil batic right yeah slamming going into climactic it was just a standing compared to all the disembowel driving it was well all the things that happened at that camp that's like the leased like one of the future seasons we'll see those kids and the vampire kids and all all get together and have a party right well I'm not I wanNA talk about next week we got we got our Los Angeles thing we've got our camping do you think because we've got five more hey kids we're almost here although I can do an impression looking