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Oct 2, 2019

Camp Redwood s9e1 & Mr Jingles s9e2 - Disturbed: The American Horror Story Podcast

It's a new episode of the Disturbed Podcast.  Chris and Rob discuss the first and second episodes of the ninth season of FX's “American Horror Story: Apocalypse”. 

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00:11 - 12:10

Welcome to disturb we are talking season nine episode one Camp Redwood and the there was is the American Horror Story Chirp that you hear Jingles Yeah it's Mr Jingles right so okay into when you move try moving weird yeah it did it would it would it refocuses so everybody listening just pretend that noise cash helping us out so that we can get on the different formats we lost Chris man down okay so right now I've been building I put disturbed on facebook disturb on instagram disturbing twitter I will add our personals on here I have stitcher dot ee slash disturbed pod you'll get all those lakes yeah super easy and like I said going forward we're going to work this out tonight we have a thing called link tree so if the single open up I can tell you where to go great it won't work yet his dogs in the camera now too but this way you'll be able to watch US stream on it should be on youtube it should be astute both episodes at once which would help me because I know I'm going to forget stuff so Chris Right up front why don't we give a little social media where can people find you the slash disturbed pod and if you go to that it's actually this is the most amazing thing you get all the links in one hold on what is that that's it sounds like an American horror stories of my chair probably know it's your camera it keeps trying in outside of about an hour west of Chicago Man Yeah and then for this show we added something new so let's see what I try to be good yeah yeah well it almost doesn't matter because episode three is going to air tomorrow right so maybe we of Geeks kind which is a small comic book artists centric focus kind here in the Midwest in Chicago in a little town called we start airing live on and our web page which nobody knows is there the link to that is already there so if you go to link tree so it's L. I. N. K. T. R. IT starts out in one thousand nine hundred seventy it was really funny I mean to me obviously they're playing with Friday the linked tree all that laying tree there we go and Adleman and I can get you guys the exact thing it's going to be in the show I have apple podcasts I'll be thirty two different directories were on Youtube on here I'll put our periscope page which this is it starts out in one thousand nine hundred seventy so I have a question Upfront Chris this we're hearing some kind of noise notes and I did put it it's really easy it's L. I. N. K. T. R. Dot E. so it's linked tree but the ease after the dot books should be on periscope and get everything set up and Emmett that you do it that you do it so we're in Kamprad it can be found at a blue box cafe or blue-box cafe one seven six and social media I am also the funding Abe stuff that was going on even though the the camp stuff and all that happened a little bit later raw with Friday the thirteenth with those other shows are this other movies I was tape at the heavily I was also getting sleep away camp I was getting all that layer really rough seventies I mean even in the first episode there is a there pull it heavily from lots of different movies I mean it's as you said it's Friday the thirteen it's there's a huge Halloween of reverence there's all sorts of stuff so yeah yeah we'll we'll have to go back and address them in really getting the idea that we were going to get a huge mash up of all that stellar with her stop when we we just got another message here from La Cashews trying to help us out we will address that going forward right now it doesn't say where it is on the top screen yet says you can't edit it during the show that's okay we're not editing it so all right what did you think of it yeah the that scene where they had I was getting more vibe of sleep away camp for some reason but there was definitely stuff going on there like that was very Friday the thirteenth like this the way they they shot it like getting wes craven I'm getting Friday the thirteenth I'm getting like I said sleep away camp I'm getting maniac because that's a better look it's right what is right what I expected I mean very see now that's where I was getting more of a maniac by was off of him there but definitely like he walks everywhere oh sorry boom that dude that was right out of I know what you did last summer the way they all went around him and then they were going like setup the shots going into the cabin I don't know I mean the overhead shot of I mean it's it's three we're kind of in the middle of the show so keep writing those ideas and we will definitely go back and kind of make those things happened Oh it says here show info disturbing story you think did you think it was going to be anything else other than that kind of some kind of murder scene that was pulled right from writer right from the all the yoga intimating sex scene something's happening hey it's evil and then you get killed so look like she's into this it looked like great we're GonNa have this weird like seventies rayvey scene and then she was into it yeah it is it's a whole bunch of stuff but it whole bunch of stuff I've seen shots that remind me of of last house on the rich so here's here's I think it's garbage awesome because it's which this show does what if elite I mean I'm totally loving it I think it's really it's really fantastic it's weird and it could almost be let's do this this whole beginning part no we're expecting for the show is just because they were talking about how they were going back and going back to ninety nine they went back to the late seventies goes isn't Halloween seventy nine I mean so you know what I mean we're not it's not like we're only you know I couldn't be more stereotypical from the eighties movies I mean the aerobics stuff was awesome and all the dialogue the way they're doing it the cookie Cutter Care Robert like extents right there all it was great and then with the camera went out and he he walks out here the jingling and you're like Oh my God well I think you know being thirty five years from nineteen eighty four if you go into the nineties you're not you're not too out of the realm I mean you know the early nineties you got a whole lot of stuff in there but yeah yeah I thought when they were showing the that I kill when it was now I'm getting I'm getting all sorts of stuff going on here definitely definitely high overtones for Friday the thirteenth series they just need to go to New York I I'll tell you the other movie I was getting a vibe off bird is he is he channeling Andrew McCarthy is each Henry James Spader is he gently would you just leave him it was right out of that movie even though that is the wrong time brame I don't care all the horror movie tropes they went for the Big Gore yells law man and they went for it to you cut the ears off you saw the blood everywhere they had the the awkward scene with three way and and I was watching it with Martha my wife and she goes one girl the Acre why is he here out of time I started thinking I wonder if this is a simulation of some sort I wonder if this is kind of game l.

12:10 - 16:09

do so I'll tell you the other movie I'm getting a vibe off of and this is this is good that we're cutting we're doing both shows there's a lot that happens between the two we're going to just talk season one and season Earth episode one one episode to as one big thing if you haven't watched both episodes stupid I mean it's it's well it's over it's over the top cheesy the whole eighty or they're working out I mean it couldn't be more she is channeling Leeann Quigley to me even though she's channeling other people Leeann and a little bit of I mean in Manhattan due for Donald pleasants to show up at some point touch a bill that would be great I mean but you know right from the beginning the the the show about what happened it wasn't this specifically stereotypical it was stereotypical but not this as a midnight he's much more common with nine thousand nine hundred or two thousand nineteen so I think I think you're allowed that period I mean because it's not like they went to nineteen eighty four the five yeah right right yeah I mean I guess we're GonNa Bury the lead here we're not going to be either he's you know he he could be done Johnson because he has at Miami Vice Kinda theme going Yeah Yeah Well billy Lord what's his name just lost his name our guy who's played Mr Jingles oh John Carroll Lynch amazing that he's been they're gonNA kill the Black Guy I I am so glad they did he still around who we're waiting 'cause nobody's really been killed that is one of the main character is all roy out of the seventies and early eighties oh my gosh oh my gosh how about about a and they're doing a great job of time characters back to other American or story season so like he's obviously he played Casey he played oh or I guess not now nineteen eighty-four I thought for sure they were gonNA kill what's his name Ray and I was like they're going to go with that trump because they're doing all the tropes optus go watch them can't really stop it when it's live you know what you'll get spoiled big deal you know what if you were in the room with me right now you know I'm she starts taking her shirt off like she wants to but what she gets she gets over is at shoot it was John Different actor playing the same character why the Hell do we have Richard Ramirez here because Richard again that's why one is the nineties I know what you summer run they hit the hitchhiker hiker the woods here wants I'm getting a cabinet in the woods vied you're a little bit and me because the the cabin in the woods I'm getting that because aw eighty four to August of eighty five okay I was thinking was earlier than that so we are thinking Zodiac killer which is earlier later right yeah right hello I'm looking at up to see when he died Yeah Yeah Yeah Oh two thousand thirteen win was he doing his stuff typical but if it's like literally ripped out a page in the eighties and said this is GonNa be something from the eighties that's who these people are in discreet at pulling all this stuff together and a lesser pay off just like in roanoke just like in other you'll even hotel if it doesn't pay off Yeah I was thinking that he was involved earlier like he his thing was over by this point but clearly not we're right in the height of or beyond that so yeah I mean they even so much as like the the our our buddy with the big mustache lying he is they're all cookie cutter because again they're the the same cookie cutter characters that we had in Friday the thirteenth and these other movies with a little bit it but it's it's very strange and then he keeps following her and he finds her in episode two he finds her.

17:00 - 39:02

I don't know we had that that weird flashback from a hiker did you notice his description of what walking out there she's already like freaked out by things that are going on why is she out there and then she goes and she dangles her feet off the dock a- and that's a very Friday the thirteenth moment she's she goes out why did she go out after Billy Laura tried to kiss her she goes outside for no reason you series off and she was bloody at jingles drove up in hit him right so jiggles wasn't in there and which is bizarre and then the body floats out after back story Oh my gosh the you know what I mean or you gotTa have the lamp what what's the one with Gordon Fisherman. I can't even remember that from a ninety day they did this one too crazy okay but I'm also wondering what we can believe from the flashbacks because I mean that one may be exactly what happened spot until jingles went by when he told the story he was looking into window and saw her standing there it did not look like she had her ear that's what is because Richard Ramirez killed him what at least two times up return and come back to him I mean he I don't know what I'm not trying to spoil it but the other thing that's really weird is a having Richard Ramirez he was in hotel right I'm thinking like you are that there's some kind of game going on this is some kind of fantasy from somebody God knows who it's going to be and they're just coming up got him in the neck you disemboweled them I mean come on the the thing is I'm not sure I'm not sure jingles did what they said anybody he's right out of that era is totally capping talking about like a lot jailing it all happened now I'm back that supposed to be a Kathy Bates gotta character and it's not okay it's not Kathy Bates but the nurse is supposed to be Adina Porter and it's and we're we're we're getting the results from Caesar what are you know what I'm going to break it right now let's talk both episodes because in the second episode they really played that since music and it sounded exactly like stranger things to me at one point and I was like okay what string this happen it could be we could have a real tight because didn't they say that these last couple seasons are going to really tie all of it together they'll may maybe happened I did not match up to Margaret's or said she laid on the ground everybody was dead she laid there stared at that thought that too I thought that too but it's not I don't but I wonder if that's what they're playing with right that's why I'm thinking too so we're not so when your way where did the capital the cook is supposed to be Kathy Bates and she's not so that means that you could be if they ever where they feel they have to play with that Dow if if they went out this is a fun era we're going to do this I'm having fun with it like I said it would suck if if the whole point of this season is to show they could do stranger things better te 'cause they're not if that's the point out strings and things you know if he's a ghost I don't know what he is is it like roanoke is he coming out of the woods and we're gonNA find out that the the witch and the woods is making every why was she bloody already jingles wasn't there yet so somebody's telling the story in a false way it it's either fantastic you know or it's going to turn to garbage but we see that sees it and then it doesn't turn the garbage or with eighty source stuff which I think is great because there's a lot of great stuff the poll trump and they're and they're pulling from everywhere and it's great but I I I you know it just made me a little bit I heard that since music and I'm looking at the hairstyles and everything and I'm like you know I hope this isn't a reaction to that his cabin the woods that's what it was is this are they do marching where people are playing these characters in that time and you're playing that terror and it's all that could be I mean need it or maybe he was an accomplice with Margaret Right who knows it she's I mean she's all sorts of messed up as it is so then out of the eleven episodes and go oh that's what this is about right I hope I mean I will cause because what is the payoff because it is to even as much as Roma's like that where you'll when you watch the first the first are rolled up or they wait wait wait where do you where do you get that really go to that the cook where they get the kind of cook the cook that they saw that was like I was knocker garbage that completely I think there's I think all we're doing I think we have no idea what's going on I think they've done it again where we're going to be like six yeah she's she's fantastic you mean with the feathered hair with that hair glasses classic it's like oh playing very well but it was like Oh yeah yeah it's it's tough to watch without billy though yeah it is for more Gore or you'll like every other episode started out pretty strong and then kind of well wait a little bit got walkie I mean especially like road I really want him there with her even in apocalypse he was in the first one episode than a rightward later IBM since escaping yeah they do that in the Halloween movies and the thing is they did it in the last Halloween movie and we all Kinda went this is a really good film or like we're having fun with it also feels like we've seen this because it is playing all the tropes so much better it's like it's it's almost like like it was fun to see okay they've got the mental you guys already know the drill there's a really good chance we're going to spill over into episode to we're GONNA train to both tonight I would love if they were separate episodes but I kinda doubt that it's going to happen what I like it I like it a lot Kathleen aids she thinks it's the stupidest thing that she's ever seen and let it go but she she just I think she's looking Tori was amazing so I'm not new the Burger it's like what are you talking about that and then seen was it's like they'll think about strangers that's right out of string things as well so that was the other thing I got a vibe off of in this episode what's the causing of of sorry that erupted but you'll go back go back into that they've already tied back into it away from Joel Carpenter they invented that that was a carpenter and all those guys the Indian I'm really hoping it's by design Sir I'm really hoping that they're going to pull the rug out from under us at it'd be like a but I don't need to see escaped convicts again and here they went right to it and it looked right out of Holloway right now again like if Margaret is the coder right this is almost like a horror minecraft that would it it's it's so cookie cutter Sir that it I'm not criticizing the show what I'm saying is it so cookie cutter it's I think it's a clue that we're not this hiker is a glitch which is why it keeps showing up and it's like you're not supposed to be here and they're like you're not supposed to be here it would be interesting maybe guys idea to bring back like they're going to do a movie or show about somebody doing a show about nineteen eighty four so they're gonNA pull back and cody burn and dance and kills it will I mean it it's an interesting idea can at last ten episodes I don't know but I once again I don't think we're GONNA be talking about this in the next no no that's the other thing they seem to do we're the main characters are doing weird things as like when billy Lord went into Kiss Brooke it was almost as if it was a prompting but not prompting like oh now's my in it was more like a weird back to me it makes more sense it is a cabin in the woods thing if it's some kind of simulation they're in and they're not aware a matrix thing and and not but it stays at eighty four timeframe Israel that would be interesting is so if Ramirez Freddie Krueger character or is he episodes from now it's going to be like Oh yeah remember when we thought it was this and it had nothing to do with this number bed right rarely right we get like the right idea that it's like very weird that was really weird Satan's directing me or a kid named Stan getting the Richard Ramirez Mr Jingles by an I I I'm hoping that they pull back and this is something afforded better with your best friend do joy in or do you get back you know what I mean have you ever seen those ads I'm wondering if it's a game like that where somebody who's making these decisions Xavier Montana and it's not chat 'cause Chat Brooke Sing Reality here you're kind of like it to be I'd Kinda like the whole thing to be at eighty four and it goes you know one oh Xavier Montana and Moustache EEO forever forever those are the ones that are at the cabin where I heard out of place moment and there've been there've been a number of those from like what what was that where's it going to be game a game on your phone because he seems like the only one that would actually be semi real in it don't you I mean he's not the one that's acting stereotypical he's acting Ramirez the way wouldn't that I mean it wouldn't make sense if she was if she was if it was a game and she was the coder an interesting take on it and then the program runs amok it's it's the what is it the ghost in the machine because Mr Jingles becomes billy lord the this'll be the greatest show ever in the old beginning of while they're hanging out in somebody's apartment thing this is GonNa be you should the infirmary because he went right there jingles the other one so the other one who's at the other one we've got let's see what are their names yeah I'm here scared of Jingles jingles is there she doesn't seem to care she's not setting traps for Jingle Jingle that's you Abi Jingles is her father maybe we've got a Friday the thirteenth setup ear that jingles was but instead of the mom killing and you know spoiler for and it would be great if it's billy where he's playing the game we're GonNa make them do and then this happened it would be or the fact that she could convince him the fact that she's trying to control elements of the game the the thirteenth the first one is the mom doing all the murder they think it's somebody else what if it was for all the murder and then to cover for her yeah even even the thing like the fact that jingles was in the war the way that story plays out I'm like jingles took the heat and went to prison and ended up like he's back out like he knows she's up there and he's like Ramirez so are we going to play if it's if it's a program he's just he's the serial killer character the fact that he showed up on the dock with her to me at the infirmary which is where Ramirez is gonNA show he's not going to kill anybody because he's working for Margaret now and somehow she's convinced him not to kill you once again talk about eighty s horror and some of the some of the references in that because he's GonNa know about he loves Friday the thirteenth but I can't tell if it's amazing or Santa hip standing right well I mean in all these light yell the clue where they were sitting at the dachshund in the car pulled up the lights the lights are not mean who is where jingles is gonNA show up right so real somebody's been died the nurses with to run up the nurse then and she wanted to get revenge on maybe maybe jingles took her thunder and she wanted to be the best murderer and jingles got all the credit is it Mr Gino's is the reserve Erez it somebody else who knows what's going so yeah right right really shouldn't be wearing white bath shoots himself that was really like classic Grind House b-movie maybe that's it maybe they're stuck in me it'd be very weird if this alternate universe but it could be some kind of alternate universe where everything like or maybe it's a loop if it was the jock when he goes it's like all time denying the ninety nine the greatest twist on all of these nineteenth slash then something's GonNa Happen to them that would be great it's what I can I love the represent I think it's great but it's like really over the top and unless it's going to really surprise us over Robert it's just like no this is what I wanted to do I wanted to do this mass burgers thing so right right yeah I mean it's it's very weird maybe right when the doors were were knocking that was that's different coasts so clear what was happening there Ramirez is at at the one at the nurses station doubt that every life just has gone on life as normal and these guys are stuck in this time loop of Nineteen eighty-four how we're going out of town because of the Olympics the best actually he had one of the best lines in the second episode where they were going in there like dude your jock you should go in there and he goes I did the pummeled assures hell would not have showered with a bunch of dudes like that not I mean just because it's uncomfortable hate that and they're all like forget her head blown up that was but that was such a great seed with the flashback he goes you he would just be torturing Barbara told GonNa get that she made me mad in seventeen episodes of the show seventeen awful I'm seeing people online say they think it's garbage but I think we have our faith this show because they've they've set us up for first of all when I was in high school we had those showers at all the guys had to shower I hated that aided that at if I was at a camp ghost is stuck in a loop maybe they're stuck in a loop you know maybe if it goes outside of of the camp we go back to a regular area we lunatics back when it was beyond the bat or before the bat before the Bat and he had been on Gotham so they had him on he played the the man that he goes if they're gonNA die I can't go with the guilty conscious I get it like going to I'm a monster yeah protect her to the very end 'cause how bad was that where he has the stuff in the side of his matches that can reopen it's like do you kiss her not yours at one yelled that one it's like the it's completely gross but it's like those dating ones you catch your hey all right let's just shower not if you're that age you know way you like that in your la you want everybody look into you don't care well if anyone's watching this video they know we're not we're not having being an athlete Lieke I guess he's like he loves it so far and I kinda like I'm out by jury the jury is out and I know it's GonNa pay off at the end before and then it's been amazing the puzzle up at the end but it's always a fun ride right in our chat with the low our good friend who can eat the shower scene like cool poor and toil okay I gotTa talk about the shower scene for a second food that he's not gonNa make it at as soon as he showed up on my yet perfect casting he you know he he said he was on one of our other shows I connected him to I got some personal stuff in here I gotta bring up what's his name Blake Matthew Morrison no the character blake the guy that was well done this big huge metal thing sticking out of this I think we've been doing this for seven seasons Chris you finally so you know really loves it because a lil is a big eighty four guy we should probably try to get a little to come and guest with us one night on here welcome to alive one with us and the characters all the time here is smarmy porn peddling and the way he got it I'm like Oh todd was freaking out that he's a friend of she's like Oh my God I love him on that show so yeah I'll see if I can reach out to him just looking through the gory hole in a grind house be booby Quinton Alternate Universe that'd be great concern is is like what yeah it just doesn't hit my radar I saw the Gotham episodes he was great in that he was really good I heard he's a great on twelve monkeys are we had a show about twelve monkeys and Blair I Grenier Kansas and sell a huge Paul just such a good line and he got to deliver it so okay so you get stabbed through the head but you did get Deliver v Line of the episode and it's an act of God then that's right on going towards that Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah actually ty did have to go along with your gory whole comment he had the best line on he was on twelve monkeys also played the scab King I never watched it it's like the one time we were chatting online and I was like oh you'll have to possibly it's not even funny really but it's pretty good pass good years pay off seven seasons in the show and when this out as a podcast I will have to drop an anvil on what I'm about to say but it was witty look through the whole and he goes that's no cock you're kept saying that but he also said I don't die here we'll so does he know where he's supposed to die because he didn't when he was talking to Margaret he didn't seem to fix he was hung up on the door with ehlers throw it and then he disappeared it's like Oh that I don't know the first thing we said doing the porkies that's my friend Todd Stash Wick Outta here we saw the credits and I was like oh no todd's what episode see God what are you GonNa do me he'll so they're they're the best the best blind in the whole second episode is not the that one it's he was checking me out I did not because it's gotta get cut out of this we're not supposed to be here I didn't die here why that was the other thing he said the hiker said he goes you're not supposed to be part of the deal right it's although I'm getting guns because you know I worked out today yeah one dive you walk in the gym in your heart assist Gonzi unbelievable hoping yeah the one of those bootleg underground teams are out your your it's so bad so you you have a you have a seven second hunk you're almost underway to domain stage almost guy but that was todd that bid at there it's happening but is she is she making up Richard Ramirez when we get to that door and the door opens isn't going to be Margaret Right or she's always lying her issue the psycho is via she's one of these people because she's with them didn't get enough line this will be back because I said the capillary but it wasn't a glory hole it was fg Oriel on so if I don't know what happened I don't know I don't know of any and she says nobody ever believes me is it because you can you give us fifteen minutes I I try to get him on here that would be funny it's out he was man I saw you were on this or whatever it is like yeah yeah did you like it I'm like I've seen you in one thing he's put it all this stuff I've just never hugh right there isn't a mother or apparent or a priest trying to save anybody it's just it's just sitting there so doesn't act likely Quigley's characters typically acted but she is she is that character she's generally in the way that maybe you look back at it and she can do it as opposed to it's just it's does this show douches it's fantastic Ascott and the head of on and he said Yeah I've got this darker look so I get these like smarmy we got run over by Mr Jingles or who got hung up well he got he got hit by Mr Jingles in the flashback we saw that but in the eighty four and that was with billy Lord's character yeah she's totally got the Leeann Quigley by going on with the outfit and the hair and everything She Ah I didn't get that impression though I think he knows those were supposed to die but he got move 'cause the kids brought him back to the camp as you know he in the in the last scene with a church everybody is out of the entire room and yet there's not one person hiding behind that one I wish I thought it was gonna be really cool great fight scenes read the action was great the other story part of it was awful right so let's hope it doesn't turn into that like it turns out this whole thing took place in one thousand nine hundred four snow globe that would be awful the Lead Guy the Guy Ritchie movie where it's about the the girl who's in the asylum in his before she's GonNa get a lot of eyes and she makes up the thing where they're like four okay Hereford far throw K.

39:03 - 46:44

but it was really overall it was a stinker pretty bad so I wish it wasn't was exiled or anything in the first two episodes that would indicate that anybody but Brooke cares about anybody else but themselves in this entire show roles and they are basically fighting Nazis sucker punch is this gonna be sucker punch where it's her I opened a sucker punch was awful I said I saw her with a high school gym so as not yeah I saw you checking me out how nurse a little bit guys are just in love with themselves they don't care about anybody else was checking me out as part of the group Montana doesn't care in the beginning after awhile right away if you read the book Richard Dreyfuss his character an underlying stories that he slept with shutters wife it's kind of funny yeah yeah I don't know you got me thinking about it I don't know and that was great I'm going to have to write them because I had no idea I'd I'd seen it I think this morning that he was going to be on I was I was episode who get an offer I'll and when it didn't start we were both sitting there watching it going okay vans not gonNa Start then when it does I'm like okay what's going to happen they hit I even thought like jingles was going to be gone by this episode while all that Mr Jingles I thought it was going to end his story well I anticipate the nurse and then they crash into the Maria and I love how that's a perfect oats Margaret's car she's GonNa be so mad what's they're leaving everybody and there's only those are the only two other people at that camp right where's the cook exactly Whoa 'cause he's a horrible Feeder Upton serial killers I mean they come in with a did all the blood you can get right or like in the like a it would be readily he would be bleeding out from that Roy sir right well not in the movie but in the book okay let me think of another one there's always you don't leave an innocent with van Halen playing in the back so they have they haven't played that they get a panel in reference they did they they made that so that was really good and the ban wouldn't start of course of course and then you re back the total is that awful ban for the eighties okay was there that she made them all the supplies of the kitchen so there wasn't anybody else that was with the cook there wasn't like a helper for the kitchen now does your bed that you guys are getting chased by serial killers and you left her here right they're going to the campus to the keys nobody mentioned going and helping Margaret the nurse is the nurse has a car keys which of course is the gap but yeah that's yeah they were GonNa they were gonNA leave her to right so I mean there's I'm not going to be the COP isn't GonNa be whoever who knows I maybe she's got that Inter brain maybe she makes it up is it what's the name of that movie is is that punch drunk really anybody but now so why would you think that they would care about Margaret elated they literally met three hours ago I mean the only reason I like that whatever Rice Scheider did not like Richard Dreyfuss his character in jaws yet he did not throw him in the water is to you care if you like them or not you don't leave an innocent to be killed by Mr Jingle is there anything in the first as our cat is goes cook disappears incomes trevor was there anybody else in that scene with the Cook do you remember in what he was he was checking me out sick what a what a DB He's been ethic so I got awesome one down one to go now we've had a few people chiming in London I drove La- cash away because I said uh-huh okay if we're wrong Kerry write something on there and tell us because we might be wrong which would not be off like ten and now I've been working on the book and then I'm working on a pretty major project so there we go so I go to sleep Friday the thirteenth I've been listening to a podcast and I want to give it a little shout out here i WanNa say something nice about it but I gotta find it DECAF tonight and actually it doesn't usually affect me but welcome to the coffee talk podcast quaffing coffee speaking what if todd is the killer and him stabbing himself in the head was just a ruse threat special effects and it's all what is and if you're a fan of Friday the thirteenth it's fun it's fun the the only thing I'm not crazy about I don't really like Comedians or look at that place yeah I know that's why I'm getting splotch eat drink decaf tonight which I never do the kids who had Brian Yeah I can't Yeah I love that first one I actually took a screenwriting class from that guy that was good advice I want to hear more but that's all right let's see I think you're right I don't remember all the details like you guys do ha ha hey Kerry we remember ever no we don't can you tell dopey and sleepy dopey beer it's only nine fourteen year olds anyway that's that was false also having about us we're making it up as we go so I'll be remember we're back in in hotel why been listening to a Friday the thirteenth one before this started